Centurions Thunder Knife packaging

Prototype packaging for Thunder Knife toy.

Thunder Knife is one of the unreleased toys from the second year of the Centurions toy line. It was featured in later episodes of the TV series. In universe, Thunder Knife is an Assault Weapon System for John Thunder. The 1987 Kenner catalog describes its features as "a tank-like base with treads, two axe-slashing blades, two rotating mega laser discs, and a cannon unit with firing missile." Thunder Knife helped John infiltrate enemy territory by spinning him around like a human-sized circular saw, allowing the blades and laser discs to cut through obstacles. The toy would have had a "neutral switch" to deactivate the spinning action. While the catalog photos show John wearing Thunder Knife in prone position, in the animated series he's able to use it in standing position as well, similar to how Jake Rockwell could use Wild Weasel and Awesome Auger in multiple modes.

Centurions Thunder Knife prototype 1

The Thunder Knife prototype.

Centurions Thunder Knife

Another view of the prototype, with Power Pack attached.

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