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Swingshot is a mid-sized Assault Weapon System used by Centurion team-member Jake Rockwell. The system is composed of a drive unit that distributes power to two articulated treadmill mechanisms ('roto-treads'). Attached to each of the user's forearms is an armored shield, incorporating a Mega-Blaster and a set of Trajectoid Missiles. Additional armament is provided by a chest-mounted Howitzer, with fire control provided by a rotating Targeting Sensor and an Infrascope.

The roto-treads can be 'energized', allowing them to attract to different surfaces - even the ceiling, if necessary. The box art refers to this technique as "Mode 8: Antigravity".


  • Rotating the knob on the Back Pack Power Drive will in turn rotate both the Targeting Sensor and the Chest Shaft.
  • Rotating the Chest Shaft will cause the chest-mounted Howitzer to turn.


  • The Back Pack Power Drive uses the same simple turning knob feature used in Sea Bat and presumably Strato Strike.
  • The 'roto-treads' are in fact Kégresse tracks. They also closely resemble caterpillar tracks (although the latter are composed of multiple, segmented pieces; as opposed to a single, flexible tread).



  • In the Latin American dubbing of the cartoon series the Swingshot was known as "Tanque" (Tank).
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