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Packaging for Swingshot toy.

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Swingshot is a mid-sized Assault Weapon System used by Centurion team-member Jake Rockwell. The system is composed of a drive unit that distributes power to two articulated treadmill mechanisms ('roto-treads'). Attached to each of the user's forearms is an armored shield, incorporating a Mega-Blaster and a set of Trajectoid Missiles. Additional armament is provided by a chest-mounted Howitzer, with fire control provided by a rotating Targeting Sensor and an Infrascope.

The roto-treads can be 'energized', allowing them to attract to different surfaces - even the ceiling, if necessary. The box art refers to this technique as "Mode 8: Antigravity".


  • Rotating the knob on the Back Pack Power Drive will in turn rotate both the Targeting Sensor and the Chest Shaft.
  • Rotating the Chest Shaft will cause the chest-mounted Howitzer to turn.


  • The Back Pack Power Drive uses the same simple turning knob feature used in Sea Bat and presumably Strato Strike.
  • The 'roto-treads' are in fact Kégresse tracks. They also closely resemble caterpillar tracks (although the latter are composed of multiple, segmented pieces; as opposed to a single, flexible tread).
  • Swingshot is one of the few toys from Centurions' second year that was actually released. It was manufactured in smaller quantities than most of the earlier Assault Weapon Systems and is one of the rarest items in the line. 



  • In the Latin American dubbing of the cartoon series the Swingshot was known as "Tanque" (Tank).
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