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American packaging for the Skybolt toy.

Skybolt is a heavy Assault Weapon System used by Centurion team-member Ace McCloud.

The Ace McCloud action figure wearing Skybolt.


  • Pressing the button on the backpack will cause the turbine to spin and drive the Chest Shaft.
  • Rotating the Chest Shaft on the Chest Unit will cause the top hardpoint to pulsate and the front hardpoint to rotate. When in a show accurate configuration, this causes the Anti-Radar Deflector to pulsate and the Infrared Detector to rotate.
  • The Splicer Missiles can be launched by turning a firing switch. There is a secondary firing switch in the form of a rotating plug; this can be activated by mounting a single Splicer Missile on top of the Back Pack Control Unit.
  • The Modular Invertable Wings can be mounted in either swept-wing or forward swept-wing configurations.


  • 1xBackpack
  • 1xChest Unit
  • 2xBooster Stabiliser pods
  • 2xModular Invertable Wings
  • 2xRadar Tracking Wings
  • 2xMissile Launchers
  • 2xHeat-Seeking Misssiles
  • 2xGalactic missiles
  • 1xAnti-Radar Deflector
  • 1xInfrared Sensor


  • This Assault Weapon System was known in the Latin America dubbed cartoon as "Armadura" (Armor).
  • Speaking of the cartoon series, the Skybolt was combined with the Orbital Interceptor in a combination that consisted mostly of Orbital Interceptor with some of the Skybolt's weapons (like the Galactic Missiles for example).

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