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Sky Knight is a light Assault Weapon System used by Centurion team-member Ace McCloud. The system consists of a variable-winged backpack, two powerful thrusters, and a rotating, chest-mounted Laser Cannon Pod. Additional ordinance comes by way of two Stincel Missiles, and a Laser-Guided Bomb directed by a Dual Laser apparatus.


  • Unlike Max Ray's basic system Cruiser, or Jake Rockwell's basic system Fireforce, Sky Knight has no spring-powered firing missile. Instead, rotating the Chest Shaft will cause the Laser Cannon Pod to rotate and the variable wings in the backpack to sweep back and forth.



  • The Sky Knight was known in the Latin American dubbed cartoon as "Ráfaga Eter", which roughly translates as "Ether Gust"
  • Max Ray used the Sky Knight in the episode "To Dare Dominion (Part I)" to cover Ace due to an injury.
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