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American packaging for the Sea Bat toy.

Sea Bat is a mid-sized Assault Weapon System used by Centurion team-member Max Ray. The system consists of an underwater breathing apparatus attached to a hydrofoil assembly that is in turn attached to a larger, winged propulsion unit. Unusually, propulsion is provided by two top-mounted screw propellers of a futuristic helical design. Affixed to the system are no less than six individual Barracuda Missiles, in addition to a Heatseeking Harpoon and an explosive Depth Charger. Multiple Flexi-Hose Connections adorn the system for purposes unknown.

Ironically, two of Sea Bat's key propulsion features - the hydrofoils and the top-mounted screw propellers - are incompatible in real-life. Hydrofoils operate by lifting a marine vehicle even farther away from the surface of the water upon which it is traveling, thus reducing drag and increasing speed. However, were Sea Bat to attempt this feat, then the screw propellers would be lifted out of the water - rendering them incapable of imparting any significant momentum.

Toy Photos[]


  • Rotating the knob on the Bat-Wing Thruster Unit will in turn rotate both the screw propellers and the Chest Shaft.
  • Rotating the Chest Shaft will cause the chest-mounted breathing apparatus to pump up and down.


  • The Bat-Wing Thruster Unit uses the same simple turning knob feature used in Swingshot and presumably Strato Strike.
  • The instructions refer to the included depth charge incorrectly if understandably as a "Depth Charger".

  • The box art for Sea Bat contains a number of details inconsistent with the actual set:
    • Two Heatseeking Harpoons are shown; the set only contains one.
    • What appears to be a Wild Weasel Land Laser is mounted on top of the Bat-Wing Thruster Unit.
    • The knob for turning the Hydro-Turbines is omitted.

  • Additionally, it is impossible to fully assemble the Sea Bat unit with all accessories attached - there are simply not enough plug receptacles.
  • Sea Bat is one of the few toys from Centurions' second year that was actually released. It was manufactured in smaller quantities than most of the earlier Assault Weapon Systems and is one of the rarest items in the line.



Sea Bat's working title was H2Go.

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