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American packaging for the Orbital Interceptor toy.


Orbital Interceptor is a mid-sized Assault Weapon System used by Centurion team-member Ace McCloud. The system consists of a fully enclosed life support apparatus and a number of powerful inner and outer-atmospheric thrusters, providing space flight capability. Two leg-mounted Particle Beam Defensors provide attraction to and repulsion from various objects; these multifunctional devices can be used offensively, defensively, or for such mundane tasks as grappling onto surfaces in zero gravity. An articulated Target Sensor is mounted to the chest, and a Radar Homing Device attached to the back. The only single-purpose armament is a Particle Beam Missile.

Although primarily intended for extravehicular space use, Orbital Interceptor also serves equally well in a deep sea environment.

Toy Photos[]


  • Rotating the Target Sensor or Radar Homing Device will launch the Particle Beam Missile.


  • Unusually, this set requires a small amount of self-assembly before first use:
    • The Target Sensor comes as two separate parts,
    • The Radar Homing Unit comes as a separate mount and dish,
    • The Atmospheric Thrusters comes with separate nozzles.



  • In the Latin American dub was known as "Interceptor Orbital".
  • The Orbtial Interceptor was used for underwater missions In the episodes "Revenge" and the two parts of "Atlantis Adventure", probably due to the similarities of the zero gravity and undeweater conditions.
  • The Orbital Interceptor can be combined with the Skybolt, this was seen in many episodes of the series.
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