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Max Ray is a down to earth member of The Centurions, and serves as the team's brilliant Sea Operations Expert. sea operations specialist and the head of the team; definitively, he's the underwater agent of the team. Unrivalled for his skills in the water, Max is a member of the most formidable fighting force team, the Centurions. Being level-headed and a good strategist, he plans well-coordinated attacks. As a college student at age 14, Max built his own nuclear powered submarine. Max Ray the only person ever to water ski across the Atlantic Ocean. For exercise, he regularly swims from California to Hawaii and back.

Throughout the series, Max seems to have superhuman abilities, if Ace can shout "Power Xtreme!" in space without a helmet, then Max can do the same thing underwater and also have immunity to the pressure in the depths of the ocean. However, in the episode "Hacker Must Be Destroyed" he also can talk in space without air.

A custom chrome painted fan-made Max Ray figure.

Assault Weapon Systems[]

Max Ray Cruiser | Tidal Blast | Sea Bat | Depth Charger | Fathom Fan | Aqua-Blazer
Jake Rockwell Fireforce | Wild Weasel | Hornet | Swingshot | Detonator | Awesome Auger | Land-Laser
Ace McCloud Sky Knight | Orbital Interceptor | Skybolt | Strato Strike | Aero-Sault