Centurions Land Laser packaging

Prototype packaging for the Land-Laser toy.

Land-Laser is one of the unreleased toys from the second year of the Centurions toy line. It's one of three mission accessory sets that were intended to add to the original three Centurions' basic Assault Weapon Systems. Designed for Jake Rockwell, Land-Laser augments Fireforce with new equipment including a terra lens mask, two missile racks that hold four "generator" missiles, a triple blaster, two containment hoses, and a land/field missile that can be launched from Fireforce's Plasma Accelerator.

Centurions Land-Laser parts

The individual parts of Land-Laser.

Centurions Land Laser Art

Artwork for the Land-Laser toy package.

Centurions Land Laser missile -1

Side view of a generator missile prototype.

Centurions Land Laser Generator missile -2

Another view of the generator missile.

Centurions Land Laser Generator missile -3

A third view of the generator missile.

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