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Packaging for the Hornet toy.

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Hornet is a mid-sized Assault Weapon System used by Centurion team-member Jake Rockwell. The system is composed of a helicopter backpack mechanism with an integrated protective canopy, a set of two Sonic Thrusters, and two heavy-duty landing skids. Armament is provided in the form of a variable nose-mounted Laser Gun with a 180º forward-firing arc, a rotating chest-mounted Freeze Ray Cannon, and four Sidewinder Missiles. Fire control is provided by two Target Sensors.

Hornet has the unique distinction of being an Assault Weapon System capable of unaided flight assigned to a team member other than Air Operations Expert Ace McCloud.


  • Pressing a button on the Back Pack Lifting Module will drive both the helicopter rotor mechanism and the rear Chest Shaft plug.
  • Rotating the Chest Shaft will turn a set of gears in the Chest Pack Control Unit that will in turn rotate the Freeze Ray Cannon.


  • The instructions confusingly refer to the two green, cylindrical attachments as both "Sonic Thrusters" and "Target Sensors"... even though the real world object they most closely resemble is a rocket pod.
  • Hornet's helicopter backpack is not compatible with the Power Pack.



  • This Weapon System was called "Avispón" (Hornet) in the Latin American dub of the cartoon series.
  • Max Ray used this Weapon System in the Episodes "To Dare Dominion (Part II)" and "Day of the Animals".
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