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American packaging for the Detonator toy.

Detonator is a heavy Assault Weapon System used by Centurion team-member Jake Rockwell. The system consists of a chest-mounted tandem Freeze Ray Blaster array and two Splicer Missiles, mounted on a mobile, bipedal artillery platform. Movement and additional weight distribution is provided by two leg-mounted stabilizer struts; additional firepower is provided by a set of Sonic Ray Guns with 360º swivel. The system also maintains fire interception in the form of a Sonic Screen device.

Toy Photos[]


  • Pressing a button on the Back Pack Control Unit will drive both the Sonic Ray Guns and the rear Chest Shaft plug.
  • Rotating the Chest Shaft will turn the Freeze Ray Cannon 'feed' and in turn, cause the cannons to pulse in and out.
  • The Splicer Missiles can be launched by turning a firing switch. There is a secondary firing switch in the form of a rotating plug; this can be activated by mounting a single Splicer Missile on top of the Back Pack Control Unit.


  • The yellow Blaster Shields on the Freeze Ray Cannons are manufactured from a fully-removable soft rubber.
  • The Freeze Ray Cannons move in a manner reminiscent of a Gast Gun.


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