Centurions Depth Charger packaging

American packaging for the Depth Charger toy.

Depth Charger is a heavy Assault Weapon System used by Centurion team-member Max Ray. The system takes the form of a fully-submersible underwater vehicle. Two maneuverable pontoons equipped with additional thrusters allow for above-water travel, while a compliment of two Sea Torpedoes, a Hydro Mine, and two Aqua Cannons round out the armament. Additional details include a periscope and four variable fins.

The pontoons on Depth Charger have been used on at least one occasion as an impromptu skiing mechanism.

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  • Pressing the rear button on either side will launch the Hydro Mine.
  • Pressing the periscope down, and turning it left or right, will turn the Chest Shaft and launch the corresponding Sea Torpedo.
  • The Sea Torpedoes can also be launched with the use of a manual button located on either side.
  • The Sea Torpedoes and Hydro Mine can be fired from each other's launchers.




  •  This Assault Weapon System was known in the Latin American dub as "Carga Profunda" (Deep Charge).
  • Jake Rockwell used this weapon system in the episode "Atlantis Adventure (Part II)"
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