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American packaging for the Depth Charger toy.

Depth Charger is a heavy Assault Weapon System used by Centurion team-member Max Ray. The system takes the form of a fully-submersible underwater vehicle. Two maneuverable pontoons equipped with additional thrusters allow for above-water travel, while a compliment of two Sea Torpedoes, a Hydro Mine, and two Aqua Cannons round out the armament. Additional details include a rotating periscope and four variable fins. The torpedoes and Hydro Mine can be fired from each other's launchers.

The pontoons on Depth Charger have been used on at least one occasion as an impromptu skiing mechanism.

Toy Photos[]


  • Pressing the rear button on either side will launch the Hydro Mine.
  • Pressing the periscope down, and turning it left or right, will turn the Chest Shaft and launch the corresponding Sea Torpedo.
  • The Sea Torpedoes can also be launched with the use of a manual button located on either side.
  • The Sea Torpedoes and Hydro Mine can be fired from each other's launchers.




  •  This Assault Weapon System was known in the Latin American dub as "Carga Profunda" (Deep Charge).
  • Jake Rockwell used this weapon system in the episode "Atlantis Adventure (Part II)"
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