Centurions Cybervore Panther package art

Artwork for the Cybervore Panther toy package.

Cybervore Panther is one of the unreleased toys from the second year of the Centurions toy line. It was featured in later episodes of the TV series. In universe, the Cybervore Panther is one of two predatory animals converted into a dangerous cyborg by Doc Terror. Its weapons include snapping jaws and a rapid-fire launcher that fires four disks. Its other equipment includes laser weapons, and its tail, legs and paws are articulated. As with the other villain figures, Cybervore Panther has interchangeable parts; its front and back halves can be swapped out with the Cybervore Shark, and it can also exchange the disk launcher for the shark's missile launcher.

Centurions Cybervore Panther prototype

Prototype for Cybervore Panther toy.

Centurions Cybervore Panther prowling

Another view of the prototype, showing the panther "on the prowl".

Centurions Cybervore Panther catfish

The prototype in hybrid "catfish" mode.

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