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Cruiser is a light Assault Weapon System used by Centurion team-member Max Ray. The system is composed of a an underwater breathing apparatus and a means of propulsion in the form of two Hydro Thrusters capable of operating both in and out of water (providing a limited degree of flight). The system is armed with two repulsar weapons (one mounted on the forearm, the other mounted on a keelfin that also serves to contain a radar sensor) and a Hydro Missile

As a consequence of the extreme lack of non-marine maneuverability and low unit weight, Max will often turn to team members Jake Rockwell and Ace McCloud for an impromptu airlift to and from locations.


  • Rotating the Chest Shaft will launch the Hydro Missile. There is also a manual firing button on the left side.
  • The Hydro Missile afixes with only two pegs, and can be mounted on the forearm, leg or chest.
  • 3 Modes are featured on the original packaging including,
  • Mode 1:Surface
  • Mode 7:Sea Attack!
  • Mode 2:Turbo Thrust.
  • No list of the entire 'Modes' exist as far as I can find but it may have been written to inspire the user through the various combinations that exist.


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