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Ace McCloud is a member of The Centurions, and serves as the team's daring Air Operations Expert. Donning his blue and silver Exoframe, he's a cocky, wisecracking womanizer who's sometimes at odds with Jake, but no one can dispute his courage in battle. His Assault Weapon Systems are best suited for aerial missions, including one especially designed for battles in space. Unequalled for his skillful and daring air maneuvers, Ace is a member of the most formidable fighting force team, the Centurions. Being a daredevil, he volunteers for the hardest missions ever. As a boy, Ace won the Amateur Flyer's Club Award for developing a remote control airplane which responds to brainwave transmission. Ace McCloud is the only person to ever fly a glider off planet Earth's highest point, Mount Everest, and he did it upside down.

During the series, Ace seems to have the superhuman ability of shout "Power Xtreme!" in outer space without using a helmet and prior to his Orbital Interceptor equipping.

Assault Weapon Systems[]

Max Ray Cruiser | Tidal Blast | Sea Bat | Depth Charger | Fathom Fan | Aqua-Blazer
Jake Rockwell Fireforce | Wild Weasel | Hornet | Swingshot | Detonator | Awesome Auger | Land-Laser
Ace McCloud Sky Knight | Orbital Interceptor | Skybolt | Strato Strike | Aero-Sault